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In the interest of facilitating the development of better, more effective interlock programs, TIRF has organized a series of symposia on ignition interlock programs. Each symposium has involved an international group of researchers, interlock manufacturers, service providers, policy makers and interlock program specialists. The first symposium involved about 30 participants and was held in Montreal, Canada in September 2000. This meeting resulted in a comprehensive document outlining a series of “best practices” for interlock programs (Beirness 2001). A second, larger symposium was held in Toronto, Canada in November 2001 to discuss the use of ignition interlocks as a mandatory condition of license reinstatement for DWI offenders (Beirness & Simpson 2003).

13th Annual Interlock Symposium
Helsinki, Finland - September 2012

Traffic Injury Research Foundation held its 13th International Alcohol Interlock Symposium in Helsinki, Finland in September 2012. Over 130 participants, representing 21 countries, attended the symposium entitled, “Alcohol Interlocks: Opportunities to Improve Traffic Management.” The symposium focused on interlock use in different applications with various populations.

2012 Proceedings from 13th Symposium
Presentations from the thirteenth symposium are available electronically at www.interlocksymposium.com.


12th Annual Interlock Symposium
Palm Springs, USA - October 2011

The 12th International Alcohol Interlock Symposium held in Palm Springs, California, was the largest of the symposia to date. More than 175 attendees representing 18 different countries attended the event. The growth of the symposium, which had humble beginnings with only 26 attendees present in 2000,demonstrates the continued interest in not only the use of alcohol interlocks but also in the enhancement of existing interlock programs, the pursuit of technological innovation, and the implementation of new legislation and programs internationally.

2011 Proceedings from 12th Symposium
Presentations from the twelfth symposium are available electronically at www.interlocksymposium.com.


11th Annual Interlock Symposium
Montebello, Canada - October 2010

The 11th Annual International Alcohol Interlock Symposium was held in Montebello, Canada in October 2010. The event focused on promoting consistency across jurisdictions regarding strategies to manage alcohol interlocks (harmonizing policy and practice) to reduce duplication, better leverage successes, and minimize the growing conflict stemming from inter-jurisdictional impediments. The agenda included a continued focus on knowledge transfer and program development with the intention of ensuring policy is consistent with practice, and identifying best practices to bring consistency to alcohol interlock programs.

More than 130 attendees representing 17 countries participated, making it one of the largest Symposia to date.

2010 Proceedings from the 11th Symposium
Presentations from the eleventh symposium are available electronically at www.interlocksymposium.com.

10th Annual Interlock Symposium
Melbourne, Australia - October 2009

The 10th International Alcohol Interlock Symposium was held in Melbourne, Australia in October 2009. This event attracted more than 85 attendees from 15 countries. This is the first time the Symposium was hosted in Australia, reflecting the progress that Australia has made in recent years in terms of new programs and the expansion of existing programs.

2009 Proceedings from the 10th Symposium
Presentations from the tenth symposium are available electronically at www.interlocksymposium.com.

9th Annual Interlock Symposium
Tällberg, Sweden - August 2008

Traffic Injury Research Foundation, in partnership with Vägverket, the Swedish National Road Administration, hosted the 9th Annual Alcohol Interlock Symposium in Tällberg, Sweden in August 2008. The symposium attracted 140 delegates from 18 countries. The theme of this symposium was “Planning for Success”. The program included sessions on engaging and educating treatment professionals, challenges and strategies to improve the implementation of interlock programs, and public policy considerations.

2008 Proceedings from the 9th Symposium
Presentations from the nineth symposium are available electronically at www.interlocksymposium.com.


8th Annual Interlock Symposium

Seattle, Washington - August 2007

The symposium was hosted by Paul Marques of the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation (PIRE) and held in conjunction with the ICADTS/TIAFT International Conference on Forensic Toxicology of Alcohol, Drugs, and Traffic Safety. The program included sessions on driving under the influence of alcohol and non-alcoholic drugs, advances in alcohol testing technology, DUI enforcement, and future directions for interlock programs.

Proceedings and presentations from the eighth symposium are available electronically at www.interlocksymposium.com.


7th Annual Interlock Symposium

Beaver Creek, Colorado - October 2006

The conference was hosted by Paul Marques of the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation (PIRE). The program included sessions on administrative and judicial interlock programs, interlocks for primary prevention, interlock program features, and improving communication and penetration of interlocks.

Proceedings and presentations from the seventh symposium are available electronically at www.interlocksymposium.com.

6th Annual Interlock Symposium

Imperial Palace, Annecy, France - September 2005

More than 90 delegates representing 12 countries attended this symposium. Delegates truly gained “A Global Perspective” during the diverse sessions that featured: research on first and repeat offenders and criterion-based program features, developing programs and advancements in ongoing programs delivered from several countries, and emerging technologies that included presentations from Saab and Volvo. Attendees also enjoyed presentations by M Joël Valmain, European Commission, Direction Générale de l'Energie et des Transports and M Bernard Pottier, President of the French Road Safety Association. Proceedings and presentations from the sixth symposium are available electronically from TIRF.

2005 Proceedings from the 6th Symposium

5th Annual Interlock Symposium

Tempe, Arizona - October 2004

This symposium was the largest to date, involving 150 delegates representing 12 countries – Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Finland, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States. The theme of the conference was, appropriately, “Pushing Back Frontiers”. The program included sessions related to the role of rehabilitation, innovations in interlock programs, testing and certification issues as well as program and research updates. In 2004, participation expanded to include the fields of rehabilitation and treatment, supervision, legislators and advocacy groups. Proceedings and presentations from the fifth symposium are available electronically from TIRF. 

2004 Proceedings from the 5th Symposium


4th Annual Interlock Symposium

Hilton Head Island, South Carolina - October 2003

The theme of this symposium was “Enhancing Acceptance, Participation and Compliance”. At this symposium, participants examined existing legislation in support of interlocks and the diversity of ways in which programs were implemented in order to identify barriers to the success of these programs and ways they could be overcome. Discussion groups following each panel of presentations permitted participants representing researchers, manufacturers and practitioners to explore these concerns, as well as potential solutions, in greater detail. The proceedings of this symposium are now available.

2003 Proceedings from the 4th Symposium

3rd Annual Interlock Symposium

Vero Beach, Florida - October 2002

The theme of the Vero Beach symposium was “Enhancing the Effectiveness of Interlock Programs”. Leading scientists presented the latest research findings on various aspects of interlock programs, including program evaluations, the monitoring of offenders, the use of information from the interlock data recorder, enhancing participation, and the integration of interlocks with alcohol treatment programs. The proceedings of this symposium were published in a special issue of Traffic Injury Prevention as a seperate collection of articles prepared by the scientists who presented the findings of their research at the symposium. The publication of these articles underscores the importance of continued research on various aspects of interlock programs to further their development. The results provide valuable contributions to our understanding of how interlock programs work and offer insights into ways to make such programs more efficient and effective.

2002 Proceedings from the 3rd Symposium

2nd Annual Interlock Symposium

Toronto, Ontario, Canada - 2001

2001 Proceedings from the 2nd Symposium

1st Annual Interlock Symposium

Montreal, Québec, Canada - 2000

2000 Proceedings from the 1st Symposium