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2012 Alcohol Interlock Symposium Update - TIRF announces Ilyas Daoud as the 2012 Barry Sweedler Award recipient; releases proceedings from 12th International Symposium

The Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF) is pleased to announce this year’s Barry Sweedler Award recipient, Mr. Ilyas Daoud. The announcement was made during this year’s awards dinner at the 2012 Alcohol Interlock Symposium in Helsinki, Finland. As part of the award, Mr. Daoud received a special stipend to support his travel to and participation at the Symposium.   

Mr. Daoud is a project officer at the European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) and manages ETSC’s Safe and Sober campaign. Safe and Sober is aimed at promoting the development and deployment of alcohol interlocks in the commercial sector as well as in offender programmes.  

Launched in 2007, ETSC and Ilyas have organized numerous national and European debates with policymakers, practitioners and other interested stakeholders in almost all Member States of the European Union. He has also been a resource for jurisdictions seeking more information about interlocks. Through this program, Ilyas and ETSC has strengthened awareness of alcohol interlocks and encouraged international cooperation in the field.  

It is Mr. Daoud's enthusiasm and his dedication to the promotion of evidence-based solutions such as alcohol interlocks, and his pursuit of change in the commercial sector and in dealing with offenders that has earned him this year’s Barry Sweedler Award.

From everyone at TIRF and the Alcohol Interlock Symposium, we congratulate Ilyas and all the nominees.  

About the Barry Sweedler Award  

Barry Sweedler’s influential career in road safety spanned more than three decades. Following his long and distinguished service at the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board, he became a founding partner of Safety and Policy Analysis International, and served as the president of the International Council on Alcohol, Drugs and Traffic Safety (ICADTS). Barry was also a strong supporter of solutions to prevent and reduce alcohol impaired driving, including alcohol ignition interlocks. He was an active attendee at the Annual International Alcohol Interlock Symposia series, and supportive of new attendees, new ideas, and perspectives to advance the field.  

In honor of Barry's contributions to improve traffic safety, the Barry Sweedler Award is conferred upon one individual each year. Nominees of this award have shown leadership in the drunk driving field through their work to support, promote, strengthen, expand and/or advance the use and delivery of alcohol interlocks. They have also encouraged cooperation across agencies and built partnerships to raise awareness about the effectiveness of these devices and best practice program features.

New Report - TIRF releases 12th International Alcohol Interlock Symposium Proceedings  

TIRF is pleased to release the proceedings of the 12th International Alcohol Interlock Symposium entitled, IntegratIng Systems: Creating a Continuum of Care. The 12th International Alcohol Interlock Symposium was held in Palm Springs, California in October 17-19, 2011. This event attracted more than 175 attendees representing 18 different countries.

The agenda of the 12th Symposium featured a broad range of speakers who shared their perspectives on new interlock research and new impaired driver research as well as the use of treatment strategies, and court involvement in managing higher risk offenders. Various jurisdictions also spoke about progress made in improving the delivery of interlock programs, strengthening data collection strategies, and establishing reciprocal arrangements to track offenders as they travel.  

International representatives spoke about efforts to enhance laws and expand existing programs as well as the strides that are currently being made in the development and implementation of new interlock programs. The symposium and these subsequent proceedings demonstrate the importance of building multi-agency partnerships, improving the allocation of resources, identifying priorities, and working towards a common goal in an effort to inform the development and enhance the delivery of interlock programs internationally.   

Sponsors of the 12th Symposium included Alcohol Countermeasure Systems Corp. (ACS), Lifesafer, Dräger Safety Diagnostics, Smart Start Inc., Tokai-Denshi, and Guardian Interlock. 


Click here to download Integrating Systems: Creating a Continuum of Care - Proceedings of the 12th International Alcohol Interlock Symposium

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