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TIRF releases new report from the Working Group on DWI System Improvements

TIRF is pleased to announce the release of the new report, “Effective Strategies to Reduce Drunk Driving”, from the Working Group on DWI System Improvements. The report is based on discussions held at the 7th Annual Meeting of the Working Group on DWI System Improvements held in Ottawa, Canada in May 2010.  

Much has been learned about effective strategies, programs, and interventions to deal with drunk drivers in the past decade. However, available information has primarily focused on research demonstrating the effectiveness of tools. Less emphasis has been given to the implementation of these tools, the barriers that may be encountered, or the ways that these challenges can be overcome.  

This report contains a complete overview of research, implementation issues, barriers and strategies to address them, in order to provide context for the application of strategies. Effective tools are described in the report, including: alcohol monitoring technologies; screening, assessment and treatment; DWI courts; community supervision; traffic safety resource prosecutors (TSRPs); and, impaired driving data systems.  

The report is designed to increase knowledge and understanding in the implementation of effective and proven strategies to reduce drunk driving, and methods to maximize their effectiveness in preventing drunk-driving deaths on American roadways.  

The Working Group – a TIRF initiative – is a coalition of criminal justice professionals representing 15 criminal justice organizations that has been improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the DWI system since 2004. Funding for the Working Group is provided by Anheuser-Busch Companies.

To learn more about the Working Group, please visit our Working Group on DWI System Improvements website, www.dwiwg.tirf.ca.

Hard copies are available upon request.

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