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TIRF releases new report on female drunk driving offenders

The Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF) is pleased to announce the release of the new report, “State of Knowledge: Female Drunk Drivers”.  

In the last thirty years, attention to female involvement in drunk driving events has grown as a result of reported increases in female involvement in DWI arrests and incremental increases in alcohol impaired crashes in the past decade. The report is designed as a state of knowledge to share available research and strategies for dealing with this population with frontline criminal justice practitioners.  

A review of the literature available ranging from the 1980s through to present day provides a complete perspective on the female drunk driver problem and also a sense of how it has evolved over time. The document also looks at the magnitude of the problem; the characteristics of female offenders; the involvement of female alcohol positive drivers in fatal crashes in the United States; and what is known about effective programs and practices available for women, including those that are gender sensitive.  

The report was created with input from seasoned professionals who have played a leadership role in their respective fields or who have been intimately involved in the female drunk driver issue. Funding for this initiative was graciously provided by The Century Council.   

Hard copies are available upon request. Please note minimum shipping and handling fees may apply.

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