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This international project was designed to provide current information about alcohol interlocks to researchers and practitioners working in this field, and to those individuals and agencies considering, developing, or implementing an interlock program. Its primary goals are to: provide guidance to jurisdictions aiming to develop and implement programs, identify research needs and opportunities, share information, and facilitate ongoing initiatives by providing current, easily accessible sources of information, data, and contacts.

As part of this project, current research and practical information has been compiled about interlock technology, leading research, legislation supporting the implementation of interlock programs, and current activities in the field of interlocks. Proceedings from an international symposia series on interlocks are also available as well as links to research agencies and interlock manufacturers.

A program inventory contains detailed information about interlock programs currently in operation in Australia, Canada, Europe and the United States. The information gathered about each program focuses on key program features, operational details, participating agencies, legislation, and program contacts. This inventory can help guide the development and improve the administration of interlock programs in all jurisdictions. It can also be used to gauge successes and demonstrate the benefits of expanding the use of interlocks to reduce impaired driving.


If you have more contemporary information or would like to update/modify information about an existing program identified in the inventory, click here.

Submit information about a new interlock program not found in the inventory.


The program inventory is being made possible by a charitable contribution
from the Anheuser-Busch Companies.